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Mr. Hector Fidel


Hector Fidel has been an entrepreneur and pioneer in the field of renewable and efficient energy in Mexico and Latin America for 35 years.


Mr. Fidel is the founder and former CEO of Heliocol Mexico SA, a company that operates turnkey projects including entrepreneurship, marketing, planning, engineering, and installation of advanced Israeli technologies for thermal solar water and space heating systems.
Mr. Fidel has exclusive experience in promoting innovative applications for Israeli technological companies and represent Magen Eco-energy, Chromagen, Solel, Lordan, and other companies.


As the founder of Fidelity Energy Consulting, Mr. Fidel also consults and promotes innovative Israeli companies in these fields such as Brenmiller Energy and Tigi and in the water sector like IDE, Fluence, and Aqwise in their work with private and governmental clients in Latin America.

Miss Irit Fidel

CEO Israel

Miss Irit Fidel is a social and environmental entrepreneur and project manager who brings profound knowledge and experience in work with renewable and efficient energy companies, including relevant regulatory functions.

Miss Fidel received the Ford Foundation’s award for an environmental project and has rich experience in business development and in complex and high-budget projects.

In the past she established the Green Neighborhood in Tel Aviv project, directed the Meatless Monday environmental project in Israel, and worked for Microsoft as a social responsibility project manager.

Miss Fidel is the Fidelity Energy Consulting CEO in Israel, concentrating on thermal solar water heating projects using Israeli technologies for the public, governmental, industrial, and private sectors.

Mr. Ignacio Oliva Balcarcel

Project Manager

Mr. Ignacio Oliva Balcarcel is an Architect with 20 years of experience as a commercial consultant in technology sales for water solar heating Systems, Photovoltaic Solar Systems, and LED lighting fields.

Over the years, Mr. Oliva has led various projects in construction companies, but his main expertise is as a facility manager, supervisor, and project planner in the thermal solar systems. He played a crucial part in the construction of most of the thermal solar projects in Mexico.

In the last 3 years, Mr. Oliva accumulated proven records of solar and LED systems sales such as Pullman de Morelos Group, Femsa Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Sordo Madaleno Group, and more. Mr. Oliva achieved a Bioclimatic Architecture Diploma for non-residential buildings as well as a Solar PV energy Diploma.

Mr. Ing. Diego Alfonso Verdura

Project Manager

Ing. Diego Alfonso Verdura is an Electric-Mechanical engineer with over 20 years’ experience in various aspects of solar energy. Verdura’s extensive experience focuses in particular on project and engineering management, logistics, and sales, including field supervision of PV and Thermosolar systems.

Over the years, Mr. Verdura has led hydraulic and electric installations, but his principal specialization is as a site manager, supervisor, and planner for solar heating projects. He served in Heliocol Mexico as an advisor to the commercial director. He has also worked in such companies as SIERSOLAR, Mexico Solar , Solarever Tecnología de América, and PISAMEXICO.